Born: Dubrovnik, 1991

Currently lives: Oceanview apartment in Zaton Bay

Current job: Corporate lawyer (working from home)

Favourite book: Honestly? Not much of a reader

Favourite pastry: Whatever his uncle’s wife Fran bakes for him

Dream way to spend Sunday afternoon: Dream? Can’t see through the nightmare at present.

Greatest extravagance: Most likely his last girlfriend, Didi.

Most pressing problem: How he will ever manage to move on from Didi’s disappearance.

Quality most valued in a friend: Being able to trust them one hundred percent.

First kiss: A German foreign exchange student he had a massive crush on when he was sixteen – finally plucked up the courage the night before she went home.

Contents of his wallet: Amex gold card, driving licence, a few thousand kuna in cash, a photo of Didi.

The story so far:

A few years ago Vedran would have said his life was absolutely settled. A recent promotion at work, a kind and clever long term girlfriend, Marina, a beautiful seafront apartment. Then Didi walked into his life and turned everything upside down. Never before had he wanted anyone so completely, and to his immense surprise this glamourous woman returned his feelings. He finished with Marina, invited Didi to his apartment for dinner and she never really left. Not until the day last October when she went swimming and didn’t come back.