Born: Sarajevo, 1980

Currently lives: Rented apartment as close to Dubrovnik’s old town as she can afford

Current job: Professor of Medieval History at Zagreb University (currently on a research sabbatical)

Favourite book: Three volumes of collected essays on medieval history in the Balkans

Favourite pastry: burek – spiralled tubes of filo pastry filled with meat or cheese

Dream way to spend Sunday afternoon: In the archive at the Sponza Palace – if only it opened at weekends.

Greatest extravagance: Living this close to the old town.

Most pressing problem: How to work when her neighbour Rafael is so noisy.

Quality most valued in a friend: Not sure. Is it important?

First kiss: Again, is it important?

Contents of her rucksack: Notebook, pencil case, laptop

The story so far:

Having fled Sarajevo with her family during the early days of the Balkan war, Karmela was educated first in Berlin, and then at Zagreb University where she remained through her post graduate years and as a lecturer. Her passion is the Ragusa Republic, as Dubrovnik was called in medieval times, and she was delighted to receive a research grant and sabbatical to hunt for and study records of the women of the period in the city’s archives.