Born: Sipan, 2001

Currently lives: Flatshare in Gruz with her best friend Ezra

Current job: Assistant at The Welcoming Bookshop

Favourite book: Last week it was Me Before You, this week it’s Good Girl Bad Blood. Who knows what next week will bring? Isn’t that the joy of reading?

Favourite pastry: Bijela pita – super-dreamy soft sponge layered with vanilla cream.

Dream way to spend Sunday afternoon: In a gay bar. If there was one.

Greatest extravagance: A bottle of wine for the weekend.

Most pressing problem: Coming out and finding her tribe.

Quality most valued in a friend: Patience. Lots of patience. And a sense of fun.

First kiss: Still waiting.

Contents of her rucksack: Current read, water bottle, slightly squashed sandwich for lunch, make up bag, phone, a few loose mints, purse, bus pass, front door keys.

The story so far:

Brought up on a small island, Luna couldn’t wait to escape her religious parents and move to the big city. She’s known she was gay since her teenage years but coming out at home was impossible, and although she’s lived in Dubrovnik for almost a year, she hasn’t managed to do it here either. In fact, she doesn’t know where to start.